Contrary to what you might think, The Cast of Cheers are not from Boston. They're from Ireland -- which, for Bostonians, basically means they're from the real thing. Their music is also the real thing -- the band has been storming the U.K. music world with their first singles. The quartet recorded its first album, 'Chariot,' by itself in 3 days, subsequently putting it up on BandCamp for free, where it received over 150,000 downloads and netted them a nomination at the U.K.'s Choice Music Awards. 

The Cast of Cheers just released their proper full-length debut, 'Family,' and today we get a free download of the official remix for single 'Human Elevator.' While much of 'Family' races with forward momentum, 'Human Elevator' rocks back into the beat, almost recalling the White Stripes in places. The remix by Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross offers a re-imagining of the track.

Of the remix, The Cast of Cheers tells, "'Human Elevator' was one of the first songs written for the album so it really set the tone for us. This remix deserves a coffee and an ice cream on a lazy Sunday. Digging it!"

Grab your free track below.

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