Based in New York City, the Chordaes are comprised of two guys who have been playing music together since they met in middle school. Vocalist and guitarist Leo Sawikin and drummer Ethan Glenn have built that friendship and mutual love for music into a powerful indie pop rock sound, a sound that is perfectly captured on their self-titled debut EP, set for release in March 2015. Today (Dec. 18), Diffuser couldn't be more excited to premiere the EP's first track, 'Touch the Ground' -- you can stream it in the audio player below.

'Touch the Ground' is a dynamic track that showcases the Chordaes' many influences -- tinges of Jeff Buckley, Big Star, the Beatles, Neil Young all abound -- and its theme is something most listeners can instantly relate to.

"My whole childhood I felt unsettled, I was always waiting on something even though I had it all," Sawikin tells us. "I thought adulthood would bring contentedness for some weird reason, maybe because I thought I would be free. 'Touch the Ground' is about realizing that freedom is as exhausting as it is liberating."

The Chordaes teamed up with Marc Swersky -- who has worked with Joe Cocker, Hillary Duff, and more -- to produce their debut EP. As you gear up for its release next year, make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of the New York indie rockers at their official Facebook page right here.

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