Bryce Job is best known for his savvy in the percussive arts, but in the last year, he's gained an interest in his first melodic instrument. The ukulele has provided new and endless opportunities for the gifted soloist, including a whole new platform for the notebooks he'd filled with poetry and lyrics over the previous years.

Ultimately, the aspiring songwriter took to the acoustic guitar, making the best of a bad situation just after his girlfriend relocated in pursuit of higher education.

"I decided it was time to do a project on my own time with instruments that people had never heard me play before," Bryce said. "I've been the backbone and time holder of many projects [before], hence the name, the Clockkeeper."

"Now I wish to do something from an even different perspective," he added. "If you're reading this, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your time and energy."

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