There are few things worse that can happen at a concert than a technical problem causing a delay. It's even worse at a festival where there are time constraints due to the other acts or webcasts or local curfews. However, it can also mean that fans can sometimes get a one-of-a-kind impromptu experience, as happened at Spain's Bilbao BBK Live festival on Thursday (July 12).

An issue with Roger O'Donnell's keyboards pre-empted the start of the Cure's headlining set, so frontman Robert Smith took to the stage with his acoustic guitar while the roadies fixed the problem. Smith played three of the band's earliest songs, 'Three Imaginary Boys,' 'Fire in Cairo' and 'Boys Don’t Cry,' after which time Smith called the rest of his band out.

Despite the circumstances, Smith appeared to be enjoying himself, something that isn't often associated with the Cure's music. After 'Three Imaginary Boys,' Smith even joked with the crowd. "Don't applaud too loudly or you'll give me ideas," he jokingly warned them, even though going on stage with just an acoustic guitar would prevent delays such as this one.

Fans thinking the slowed down performance of 'Boys Don't Cry' would mean that the Cure wouldn't play it later on in the evening were mistaken. The band also closed out the end of their 34-song set with it.

Watch Robert Smith Play Three Cure Songs Solo