Truly an international group, the Dark Lights feature two Australians -- Rachel Ho (bass, synth) and Matt Ho (guitar, vocals) -- alongside English singer Tristan Roe and Portuguese drummer Francisco Sousa. Now based in London, the quartet is preparing to release their sophomore EP, ‘Stop Existing, Start Living,’ and as the title indicates, the band is not resting on its laurels following the success of their debut EP, ‘The Boy Who Saw Through Walls.’

Rachel and Matt Ho founded the Dark Lights in Adelaide, Australia, where they released 'The Boy Who Saw Through Walls' in the fall of 2012. After relocating to London, the group shuffled around its lineup, bringing in Sousa and Roe.

For today’s free download, we're offering ‘Sticks and Stones,’ a song from the forthcoming EP. Its electronic elements complement, rather than overwhelm, the impressive guitar work, and Roe's unique vocals further help to define the group’s singular brand of indie rock and electronica. The outcome is an incredibly catchy song that nevertheless manages to convey intense emotion — emotion made possible by Roe’s introspective songwriting.

“[It’s] a personal account relationship breakdown by singer Tristan Roe,” the band told

‘Stop Existing, Start Living’ drops this July, and the band is hitting the road for U.K. tour this summer.

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