Mumford and Sons meet the Strokes in a garage on 'You Were Young,' a loud, classic-sounding singalong track from post-folk rockers the Dead Ships. The upbeat track packs an inquisitive punch, though, as singer Devlin McCluskey reflects on the actions that led him to his circumstances.

"Well just about everyone I knew, myself included, seemed to be aging without maturing, experiencing without accumulating the sort of wisdom I attributed to age when I was young," McCluskey told "Maybe I'm totally off, but it looks like most kids, teens, people in their 20s are oblivious to the fact that they're making massive life-altering decisions that they're going to play out till they die. And they wake up as middle-aged men whose decisions feel like they were made for them. And in a way, they were."

In the bouncy, head-bobbing verse, the darker side of his reflection comes through in the lyrics, "You were young when you laid your head in the trap where you now still reside." It's so morbid, but you can't stop grinning while you mouth the words.

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