The Dreamer and the Sleeper's new single 'Everything Is Green' begins with a chirping acoustic phrase, repeated like a riffing mantra.

That's when singer Nick Pappageorgas steps in, spreading sweet twee-pop vocals all over their sun-toasted mix.

The single, off the band's latest album, 'Huckleberry,' is a positive popper that'll leave you with a smile on your face and a hop in your step. By the loop-laden outro, complete with rocking-chair creeks, the listener has landed amid the splendor of the great California outdoors.

"Everything is Green is simply my ode to the small group of people in my life who I keep close," Nick Pappageorgas tells "It's like a love song to my girl, my friends and my dog all rolled into one."

If your in the mood for some sample-laden electro-pop, download the Dreamer and the Sleeper's 'Everything Is Green' below.

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