Earlier this month, we shared the trailer for the Eels’ upcoming documentary, which captures their concert at London’s famed Royal Albert Hall last year. Now, the Mark Oliver Everett-led outfit has debuted a clip of ‘A Daisy Through Concrete,’ which originally appeared on the band’s 2000 album, ‘Daisies of the Galaxy.’ Watch it above (via Stereogum).

E Works/PIAS
E Works/PIAS

‘A Daisy Through Concrete’ will be just one of the tracks on the film’s corresponding double live album. See the full tracklist below.

‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ will arrive on DVD, triple vinyl and digitally on April 14 via E Works/PIAS. Pre-orders can be made here.

‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ Track List
1. ‘Where I'm At’
2. ‘When You Wish Upon A Star‘ (Leigh Harline, Ned Washington)
3. ‘The Morning’
4. ‘Parallels’
5. ‘Adressing The Royal Audience’
6. ‘Mansions Of Los Feliz’
7. ‘My Timing Is Off’
8. ‘A Line In The Dirt’
9. ‘Where I'm From’
10. ‘It's A Motherfucker’
11. ‘Lockdown Hurricane’
12. ‘A Daisy Through Concrete’
13. ‘Introducing The Band’
14. ‘Grace Kelly Blues’
15. ‘Fresh Feeling’
16. ‘I Like Birds’
17. ‘My Beloved Monster’
18. ‘Gentlemen's Choice’
19. ‘Mistakes Of My Youth/Wonderful, Glorious’
20. ‘Where I'm Going’

First Encore
21. ‘I Like The Way This Is Going’
22. ‘Blinking Lights (For Me)’
23. ‘Last Stop: This Town’

Second Encore
24. ‘The Beginning’
25. ‘Can't Help Falling in Love (Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss)’
26. ‘Turn On Your Radio (Harry Nilsson)’

‘Phantom’ Encore (Played using Royal Albert Hall's pipe organ)
27. ‘Flyswatter’
28. ‘The Sound of Fear’

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