After revealing an initial video from their upcoming documentary, the Eels have shared a another new clip. And unlike the straightforward performance we saw in the previous visual, this one gives a more grandiose and epic part of their show at Royal Albert Hall in London.

In the video, Mark Oliver "E" Everett is seen taking his place in front of the legendary pipe organ that is a major piece of the venue. Dressed in a cape, Everett plays the organ ... and ends his section with a howl of excitement.

The California rockers were more than ecstatic to play the U.K. venue because it's been nine years since they performed at Royal Albert Hall. So this was an understandbly special moment for the band.

"We played Royal Albert Hall once before, in 2005, and of course when I got there the first thing I asked was, 'Can I play the organ?' and they said 'No.' There were some big rules about it or something," Everett told Billboard. "Then when we came back nine years later, that was the first thing I asked again, and we asked in advance. I got a lot of 'no' and then eventually, somehow, we got a yes. But it wasn't easy."

You can see the clip above and also watch their cover of the 1961 Elvis classic track, "Can't Help Falling in Love" below:

EELS -- Royal Albert Hall hits the streets on April 14. You can preorder the film and LP on the band's website or via iTunes.

Watch the Trailer for 'Eels -- Royal Albert Hall'

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