Singer Bethany Gray Frazier went through some harrowing stuff back in 2007.

At 17 years old, she had an affair with a high school teacher and was subsequently dragged through the social ringer. She was feeling ostracized and alone, and to make matters worse, she was involved in a high-speed, head-on car crash.

Thankfully, she survived, pulled herself up by her boot straps and eventually met future husband and bandmate Daniel Frazier. The two are one-half of Nashville indie foursome the Get Togethers, and their new single, 'June,' is a testament to their incredible journey.

"This song went through threatening lengths and innumerable versions over the five years I spent trying to write it," Frazier tells "Ultimately the chorus for ‘June’ fell out of the sky, and that's it."

“The darkness behind the month of this song should've made it the saddest on the record, but naturally, the fierce joy and life that came out of surviving such a time meant more than seven hells and seven affairs," she adds. "The irony is crippling and beautiful at least."

The Get Togethers' new album, ‘Home As In Houston,’ hits records stores on Sept. 24.

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