There's a heavy, new vibe bubbling out of Nashville, blending the classic sounds of psychedelic rock with the heavy rawness of grunge. In the form of a rock trio, this vibe stems from the Grayces, who are preparing for the release of their second album, 'Westing,' in mid-October. Ahead of that, Diffuser is excited to partner with them to unleash the brand new video for the track, 'Do It to Me.' Watch it above.

Comprised of frontwoman and guitarist Iz Stone, drummer Chas Cantrell and bassist Patrick Ward, the Grayces have been creating their unique brand of rock and roll since the summer of 2010. Putting a modern twist on a definitive sound of the '70s and '80s, the band has a knack for sending their fans back in time while staying firmly rooted in the 21st century. The music video for 'Do It to Me' showcases that fusion of trippy psychedelia with modern rock.

"Making this video was an awesome whirlwind," Cantrell enthusiastically explains to us. "It was completed from first shot to finished product in just five days with a crew of eight, and that's including us and the two actors! Amazing."

The frontwoman dives deeper into the video itself: "I like that we decided to wear the white makeup against the white wall. I felt it really lent an extra boost of life to the male and female character and gave a place for us, as the band, to represent the hidden emotional side of the story."

"Lightning usually doesn't strike twice, however it was great to be able to work with PK Pictures a second time on another music video," Ward says, referencing their previous music video for 'Drop In a Bucket.' "Especially being a much more involved project, it was great to have more than just the band as creative minds looking into a video perspective." Watch 'Drop In a Bucket below:

The Grayces’ sophomore record, ‘Westing,’ is set for release on Oct. 14. Get details on everything happening with the band here.