The High Wire have given EDM a go, allowing Ghost Loft to reimagine their rocking pop single 'LNOE' as a nu-soul track.

The remix is totally different from the London group's original song, replete with auto-tuned vocals, a Southern trap hi-hat beat and the spooky mysticism of underground hip-hop. It's a weird one, but also an awesome window into just how different one song can be interpreted.

"LNOE is the most simple song we have ever recorded," the band tells "The idea was to leave it as direct as possible, lyrically and musically and, therefore, hopefully emotionally too."

"Often we might have the seed of an idea and keep working endlessly on it, changing the words and adding parts, but that can sometimes move a song away from its original and purest intent. For us it was a scary thing to do -- to just leave it with the first words that came out and a reduced uncomplicated riff. It sets it very much apart from any of our previous material. We love the approach Ghost Loft chose to take with this remix."

"When you gonna work it out?" asks frontman Tim Crompton, singing through layers of vocodor magic. Intricate synth works dance alongside the vocals in this curious remake. Check out 'LNOE' below.

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