We've known about the I Don't Cares – the new project of the Replacements' Paul Westerberg and singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield – since they revealed the partnership last fall, but now we know when their debut full-length will arrive: tomorrow (Jan. 22).

Called Wild Stab, the album will be released by Dry Wood and is comprised of 16 songs including the already shared singles "1 / 2 2P" (listen below) and "King of America." It'll also feature "Born for Me" – a new version of a song on Westerberg's 1999 solo album Suicaine Gratifaction. You can listen to that one at The Current.

Check out the album art:

Dry Wood
Dry Wood

In the album's liner notes, the new duo say, “Making this music, that elusive ‘never done this before’ feeling permeated the little room more than once and it was very welcome.”

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