The Jazz June, one of emo and indie rock's most influential acts of the 21st century, returned in 2014 with their latest effort, After the Earthquake. Today (March 10), Diffuser is thrilled to debut the official music video for the album's opening track, "Over Underground." Check it out above.

Initially focused on frontman Andrew Low, "Over Underground" culminates in the Jazz June joining together, performing the song. The video as a whole perfectly captures the pristine rock that emanates from the track.

"'Over Underground' is about feeling distance between people in your life who were once your closest friends and holding onto ideals that can get distorted by age and cynicism," Low tells us about the song. "I wrote it for our roadie Will’s birthday a few years ago so it has been with us throughout the process of reforming and recording After the Earthquake as a reminder to stay positive in stressful times."

The Jazz June's After the Earthquake -- the band's first studio album since 2002 -- is available now via Topshelf Records. You can find complete details on their discography, and everything happening in their world, at their official Bandcamp page.

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