Indie comeback kids the Jazz June are still celebrating their reunion and first new album in nearly 12 years. They recently unearthed a radio show performance from 2000, when they toured with Elliott soon before going on indefinite hiatus. Listen to the entire concert below.

They've also just announced the official re-release of their five-album back catalog via Universal Warning Records on March 24. Frontman Andrew Low commented on the catalog release and the band's decision to dust off of the old radio performance. "Listening to these songs brings back superbly vivid memories of exactly where I was when they were happening," he said. "We lived off what we learned from adolescence, high school, punk rock, university life, high times, low times, death, love, fear, regret, everything. Let’s face it, we were an indie rock band writing songs about our small lives, but we wanted to make those songs heard by anyone who cared to listen. These are the things that make me most proud of the Jazz June."

Their latest, After the Earthquake, is out now via Top Shelf Records.

The Jazz June Live at KXLU Los Angeles in 2000

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