The Last Royals are the latest Brooklyn electronic duo we've featured in our free MP3 downloads, but unlike some groups that seem to use the format to explore the more esoteric potentialities of their medium, this group offers pure pop goodness. That said, there is a duality at the core of the band -- a fascination with juxtaposing sour and sweet. Their name is such a pairing -- evidencing a fascination with royalty and the pathos that comes at the end of the line.

The Last Royals came about when writer-singer-producer Eric James met classically trained percussionist Mason Ingram in late 2010. The pair have released an EP and are readying a full-length debut called 'Twistification.' The album arrives in January, but this month, they're releasing a three-song sampler. Today, we get the single 'Friday Night' for free download.

"'Friday Night' boasts the nerdiest lyrics of all our songs," the band tells "Bad puns, semi-collegiate level wordplay, a bit of Manhattan geography. Exactly the type of thing we want to be pumping in German discotheques this time next year."

It's a hell of a catchy tune, and you may find it in a few stateside discotheques  as well. Grab 'Friday Night' below.

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