Swinging by CBS This Morning on Valentine's Day, Brooklyn-based Americana trio the Lone Bellow not only sat in for an interview on the weekend TV program, but also performed three new tracks from their latest release, Then Came the Morning.

During their interview (check it out in the video above), host Anthony Mason details the humble beginnings of the band, and the near-tragic beginnings of frontman Zach Williams' songwriting career.

After his wife broke her neck and became paralyzed, he explains that he would write in his journal as a sort of coping mechanism. "I would just read [my friends] my journal entries. I would write in rhyme for some reason," he says, which led to him putting his thoughts to music.

Through a few subsequent happenings, the three musicians -- Williams, Brian Elmquist and Kanene Donehey Pipikin -- joined forces to form the Lone Bellow, and all agree that they instantly knew they had something special together.

“All three of us could sing full on, all out … and it just felt safe. It felt very natural,” Williams tells Mason.

In addition to the interview, as part of CBS This Morning's "Saturday Sessions," the Lone Bellow performed three new songs: "Then Came the Morning, "Cold as It Is" and "Watch Over Us." You can enjoy each performance below:

The Lone Bellow -- "Then Came the Morning"

"Cold as It Is"

"Watch Over Us"

The Lone Bellow kick off their tour in support of their new LP on Feb. 23 in Portland, Maine, followed by several dates across North America. You can get their full live itinerary at their official website here.

And if you haven't yet, we think you should pick up Then Came the Morning -- we like it so much we gave it our Editors' Pick stamp of approval.