With the March Divide's epidemically catchy single 'Jose Cuervo,' Dead Letter Records maintain their reputation as champions of the most American of Americana and rock.

The March Divide is the latest piece in artist Jared Putnam's body of work. Following years with his band of road dogs the Conversation, Putnam took a softer approach to this record but didn't forget where he came from. He wove intimate stories of his touring days into 'Music For Film,' his debut solo album.

"The story of 'Jose Cuervo' is true," Putnam says. "I wrote the song when I was still touring for a living. I had a show in Amarillo, Texas and drove to the local Amarillo mall during the day to sell CDs and promote the show. I ran into this girl there that I would always see at my Amarillo shows. I had never talked to her before, but I had developed a crush on her. I invited her to the show, and afterwards, we went to my friend's house, got f---ed up on Cuervo and I wrote the song. She was always there when I played Amarillo after that, and I would always play 'Jose Cuervo' for her'.

Putnam should please fans of Mixtapes and the Get Up Kids. Keep up with the wistful singer as he prepares to release 'Music For Film.'

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