You've heard every guy-girl electronic duo from Brooklyn a million times. It's all the same, right? Wrong. The innovative and highly talented twosome the Mast are here to break every stereotype about their chosen format.

Consisting of Matt Kilmer and Haale, the act originally performed under the latter's name and impressed many in and around the New York area, David Byrne included. Since their official birth in 2011, we've seen an abundance of quality material from the Mast, and 'Nuclear Dragon' shows no sign of them slowing down.

Haale's voice booms with authority as she chants hauntingly atop what sounds like a South African-inspired beat, sampling the marimba and slicing the half time with a cracking snare. The track straddles the pop and EDM worlds, even flirting with trance at times, and as you close your eyes, you'll just as easily imagine the song blasting at suds-filled rave as you will picture it playing softly at a sit-down black-tie event. We found 'Nuclear Dragon' to be an interesting title, so we asked Haale to explain the name.

"There's a sculpture at the UN of a saint slaying a dragon," she told "The dragon's body is made out of nuclear missiles that America and Russia agreed to destroy towards the end of the Cold War. On the grounds of the U.N., there's also a big bronze gun with a knotted barrel called 'Non-violence' that the artist made after his friend John Lennon was shot. There's a peace bell, a sword getting beaten into a plough and a huge elephant. These are all mentioned in the song, as are a couple of sculptures in Central Park. Most of the sculptures are expressing dreams of non-violence and wellness which are in the hearts of so many people but are so far from being realized. I picked 'Nuclear Dragon' as the title because it popped more than 'Knotted Gun' or 'Dreams,' which were also in the running."

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