Great news for fans of Long Island's melodic punk band the Movielife as they've just gotten back together to play a handful of reunion shows, the first of which will take place in New York City at Irving Plaza on Saturday Feb. 7.

Since their formal breakup in 2010 -- when the band played a farewell show at the Best Buy Theatre in NYC -- they had no plans of ever getting back together ... but things changed.

In an interview with Noisey, frontman Vinnie Caruana said, "We, as friends and lovers of music, have found that we would all like to play shows together again as the Movielife. We bear no news of a new record nor are we planning a six-month world tour. But I’ll tell you one thing: The Movielife is alive.”

Although the Movielife are not currently planning on writing new music, as guitarist Brandon Reilly said, "It’s a challenge enough getting the five of us free for the same three hours on the same day of the week to work on old songs" -- but they're not ruling it out. "As far as I go, I’m writing an I Am the Avalanche full-length right now and we’re going to record it throughout the winter," says Caruana. "I’m not going to say you’ll never hear a new Movielife song, because if I said that and then we did it, I would have my foot in my mouth again. I’m completely leaving that door cracked for any possibilities now and in the future."

Tickets for the Irving Plaza show go on sale this Friday (Dec. 19) at 12pm ET.

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