Australia's Oyster Murders bring two things to mind: mollusk genocide and great alt-rock. Of course, their band name is actually based on a line from 'The Looking Glass' and not an allusion to a serial crustacean crusher. But nevertheless...

The Aussie group's new EP 'Mourning Birds' is dark and atmospheric, kind of like their Lewis Carroll namesake suggests. Standout single 'Disaster Flower Bloom' begins as a rather one-dimensional funeral song, processing slowly with singer Grant Redgen's raging whisper before unspooling at the chorus like a dark red ribbon.

"When we started recording it, we could feel this natural ebb and flow in the song, it seemed to be slipping seamlessly from a dark and almost eerie verse and then lifting into a lush chorus," synth player Wendy Redgen tells

"Originally I wasn’t singing on the track at all and then Grant suggested that we add female vocals into the chorus, I came up with some ‘Mazzy Star’-inspired harmonies for this, and it all fell into place nicely."

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