Ever heard of the Pedaljets? Well, they're important, so listen up! Hailing from Lawrence, Kan., the Pedaljets are one of those "missing link" bands between the angsty drunkenness of the Replacements and the all-out grunge rock of Nirvana. It's been 23 years since they put out an album, but that's all about to change.

After reuniting in 2009, the band recorded 15 new tracks and had mixing master John Agnello put the finishing touches on the material. The resulting album, 'What's In Between,' is a stunning set of real Midwestern rock 'n' roll. Get a taste of it with our exclusive premiere of 'Conversations' below.

The new tune embodies the Pedaljets' classic sound but represents a more mature and measured band -- one bent on coming back from the dead. A steady rock beat allows singer Mike Allmayer to loudly pronounce, "I'm not here," while simultaneously conjuring the return to form.

"The song was basically one that got lost on an old master reel and we finished it up on this session," singer Mike Allmayer tells Diffuser.fm.

"I was going to redo the old scratch lead vocal, but the guys said the take was a keeper, so there it was," Allmayer adds. "The song is circular like a good Lou Reed song, but I suggested to Matt that we do a full vocal round at the end, and he came up with the big harmony, and we all sang along. That's Matt's daughter, Audrey, at the fade out. It's a fun one, because we don't indulge that side of ourselves too often, and it was a kick for us to go all the way at the end like 'Satellite of Love.'"

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