The Raveonettes have been bringing their big rock sound to fans for over a decade, and we are certain they aren't losing any steam after we caught their show in Brooklyn last night (Sept. 29).

Playing the first of two nights at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo walked onto a stage that was only filled with their instruments. What they lacked in props, they made up for in lighting.

With an elaborate light show that put you into another dimension, they kicked off their set with the first few tracks of 'Pe'ahi,' the band's latest album that hit store shelves over the summer. Instead of mixing things up, the band actually started at track one with 'Endless Sleeper' and went straight through the album till they hit 'Z-Boys.'

They then moved on to play a lot of tunes for their older albums, which quickly excited fans and inspired them to jump around to the beat. Aside from the drummer, Wagner and Foo had a Zen-like calm to their playing despite the fact that they were constantly ripping on their guitars. But, that is the charm with this Copenhagen duo.

Between the twangy opening chords that remind you of the beginning of a Quentin Tarantino flick to the way Foo can just strum on her guitar furiously, but still hits every note correctly, the Raveonettes kept the crowd wanting more. And even after playing for an hour with a three-song encore, fans still wanted to hear more from their favorite Danish band.

Before the Raveonettes played, Coves brought their psychedelic rock sound from the U.K. Listening to them catapults you back to the '60s and makes you want to flow and twirl around to the music just as singer Beck Wood did while performing their 30-minute set.

Check out our photos from the show, and get the Raveonettes' setlist, below:

The Raveonettes -- New York City's Music Hall of Williamsburg

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The Raveonetts -- Setlist, Sept. 29, 2014
'Endless Sleeper'
'Killer in the Streets'
'Wake Me Up'
'Dead Sound'
'Black & White'
'Break Up Girls'
'If I Was Young'
'Uncertain Times'
'Chain Gang of Love'
'You Say You Lie'
'Summer Ends'
'When Night is Almost Done'