New York indie-rock trio the Rotaries served up some energetic tunes that could very well stand the test of time on their debut LP, ‘Before Leaving.’ Their sound carries the pop-rock sensibilities of the ‘60s and ‘70s with a modern tinge derived from influences like the Strokes. However, the whole thing wouldn’t work without the trio’s distinct fingerprint.

After meeting in college in Boston, James Rapp (vocals, guitar) and Danny Nosonowitz (drums) started playing together and released a self-titled EP. They returned in 2011 to New York, where they recorded ‘Before Leaving,’ and soon enough, Bernard Casserly (bass) joined the crew.

Today, we’re offering a free download -- and exclusive premiere -- of a track not included on the Rotaries’ debut album. ‘Leading Line’ is a fuzzy, upbeat tune bound to get the feet in any room tapping.

“We originally thought that this song would make the record, but it ended up sounding like it was coming from a different spot emotionally and aesthetically juxtaposed to the rest of the tracks,” Rapp told “I look at it as a relatively positive song. Lyrically, it is sort of a f--- you to the feeling of being overwhelmed by anything in life.”

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