From the Everly Brothers to the Beach Boys to the Jackson 5 to Arcade Fire, the history of popular music is littered with bands containing siblings. The latest is the Rua, a British trio comprised of Alanna (piano, vocals), Jonathan (violin, guitar, vocals) and Roseanna Brown (vocals, guitar).

The group recently stopped by the headquarters of our sister site Popcrush. In the video above, they discuss their beginnings as a musical family taking lessons on piano and violin, which evolved into classical training -- Roseanna even studied classical music and opera in college -- until their father thought they should work as a group.

That led to the songs on their 2015 debut Essence. They got a foot in the door in America last year with "Fight for What's Right," which charted at Adult Contemporary and saw them open up for such names as Rachel Platten and Adam Lambert. They are hoping that their catchy new single, "Without You," will break them here. The video, where they put their acting chops -- they all had minor parts in various Harry Potter films -- to good use in predicting their rise to rock stardom, is embedded below, as are exclusive performances of "Without You" and "Stand Out" that they gave for Popcrush.

But do they carry on the tradition -- started by the Everlys and continued by the Kinks and Oasis -- of siblings who make music together despite hating each other? While they admit that they have their disagreements, they appear to be close enough to be able to complete each other's sentences. "The fights are always personal," Roseanna said, while Alanna continued. "It's just like any family, you know?" she said. "You're siblings, you have your ups and your downs and --," at which point Jonathan interrupted with, "You forget about it two seconds later."

Watch the Video for "Without You"

Watch the Rua Perform "Stand Out"

Watch the Rua Perform "Without You"

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