The Shakers have taken L.A. by storm, playing sold-out shows at venues like the Viper Room and Roxy Theatre, and with the help of their fans, they intend to keep on that trajectory with the summer 2013 release of ‘Rescue Team.’ For this foursome, it’s all about the pursuit of rock ‘n’ roll aspirations, and singer Jodie Schell bets that her “heart might just explode” the day they can pursue them full-time.

‘Rescue Team’ follows the Shakers' 2011 debut LP, ‘Oh So Loud,' and it promises to be brimming with tunes that embody the raw charisma of the band’s live performances. It'll also draw from their past, as today’s free MP3 download, ‘The Weight,’ originally appeared on the band’s 2010 self-titled debut EP and resurfaces on the new record. Schell’s gravelly vocals lend themselves well to the bluesy sound created by guitarist Chris Lee, bassist Kyle Kozlowski and drummer Nick Woods.

“This is one of the Shakers’ oldest, most beloved songs,” Schell told “We had to resurrect it for ‘Rescue Team,’ because the quiet anxiety of the song taps directly into the way all four of us feel — especially now.”

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