Dualtone Records have announced the reissue of the Silos’ breakthrough album, ‘Cuba,’ nearly 30 years after its original release in 1987.

Considered some of the foremost alt-country leaders, the Silos’ sophomore effort followed their 1985 debut, ‘About Her Steps,’ and featured the New York City rockers’ original lineup, including founder Walter Salas-Humara. If you need a refresher (or an introduction) into the sound found on the record, check out the second track, 'She Lives Up the Street,' below:

The reissue is pressed on white vinyl and comes with a digital download of the album and a poster that was included with the original release.

‘Cuba’ is out now; you can grab it here. Check out the album art and track list below:

Dualtone Records
Dualtone Records

‘Cuba’ Track List
1. ‘Tennessee Fire’
2. ‘She Lives Up the Street’
3. ‘For Always’
4. ‘Margaret’
5. ‘Mary’s Getting Married’
6. ‘Memories’
7. ‘Just This Morning’
8. ‘Going Round’
9. ‘It’s Alright’
10. ‘All Falls Away’

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