If you're a fan of the theatricality of Dire Straits and the lead guitar innuendo of Fountains of Wayne, you're going to love the Singhs.

The Boston band recently teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Tony Visconti for their latest record, 'Science Fiction,' a wacky beast of a rock 'n' roll album.

'Innocent of Reason,' the group's new single, has a mix of different rock genres that make each listen a smile-inducing experience. Singer Jeet Singh creates continuous zany rhyme schemes ("reason" with "teason," etc.) -- but it doesn't detract from the band's party-time presence.

“Often when I'm writing lyrics, I have a conversation with Peter [Parcek, lead guitar] about the topic: usually just a rambling discussion, interspersed with lots of laughs, and sometimes more serious topics," Singh tells Diffuser.fm.

"For 'Innocent,' we were talking about women we'd met or had relationships with who were just kind of crazy and dangerous and bad news all around, but you find out too late … and that they'd sort of string you up like a trophy," he adds. "And sometimes, even when you have seen that they have had previous 'victims,' you still fell into the trap. So there was this strong mental image of a huntress, stalking her prey, and the narrator of the song is issuing a warning to the next poor sucker: 'Don't get yourself in, 'cause you're not coming out.'"

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