With his heart on his sleeve, Alex Arthur nods to forefather Bob Dylan and predecessors the Spill Canvas on his debut LP, 'Something About Life & Death.'Along with the friends he gathered to fill out his sound, the young singer-songwriter performs humbly under the moniker the Still Sound. Sonically, the compositions are straightforward Midwest-flavored pop songs with a touch of class and age added by Arthur's Hammond B3 leads.

The production is minimal -- you won't find much in the way of modern trickery or effects here -- and Arthur's knowledge of theory is impressive. This may be his debut, but he's a writer who knows his way in and out of a verse, chorus and bridge.

"My main objective with writing this music is to connect with someone and have the song help them through some of the tough stuff I was dealing with when I wrote them," Arthur told Diffuser.fm. "I have always had music to help me through troubled times, and I just want my music to be there for someone else as well."

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