The guys of the L.A. indie rock foursome the Tragic Thrills have performed together in various incarnations since their high school years, and since then, they’ve developed the more mature sound heard on today’s free MP3, ‘Tears.’

‘Tears’ is one of two singles the quartet recently released on iTunes in anticipation of their self-titled debut. If you’re looking for a hook-filled anthem to get you through the week, look no further. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll hear that this is really a song about perseverance.

“‘Tears’ is a pretty broad concept,” lead singer Zach Porter tells “I have days quite often where I find myself relating to the lyrics in different ways (relationship-wise, career-wise, etc.).”

“Just yesterday I related to it quite directly, in fact, and my hands are still sore,” he adds, presumably referring to the song’s opening lines, in which he sings about punching a wall. “With certain connection and devotion come the greatest moments in my life, but also some of the hardest.”

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