Musically speaking, TruthBeTold and Big Cats! come from wildly different places. TruthBeTold grew up on the south side of Chicago and, inspired by his uncle, began rapping at the age of 6.

Big Cats! on the other hand, grew up in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minn., the stepchild of the Twin Cities, studying classical music as he played in various garage bands. After relocating to the Twin Cities, TruthBeTold found himself in the same position as Big Cats! trying to make it in the Minneapolis rap scene.

TTxBC operate under the simple philosophy that rap can be fun without being stupid and intelligent without being pretentious.

Having crafted a sound that ties these impulses together, the Tribe blends the DIY work ethic of underground music with the confidence of mainstream stars; it’s “real hip hop,” minus the elitism. Party rap that doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure because it’s gimmick-free music that will make your trunk knock and neurons fire.

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