Los Angeles-based psych-folk group the Tulips are readying their second full-length album, 'Echo Blue,' due out early 2015. The band’s sophomore effort expands upon the sparse, acoustic led songs sampled on their debut, 'Mother Universe,' as they are now complemented by a full band.

The Tulips are comprised of Jared Petrich, Dana Rogge, Adam Halferty and a cast of other musician friends who join them regularly. They were born out of the MacArthur Park area of downtown L.A., where their ethereal harmonies and dreamy melodies were informed by the mountains beyond the city limits. The larger sound evident on 'Echo Blue' is reflective of this with recordings taking place in a historic hotel and an old, ornate church.

'Echo Blue' is led by single 'Scorpion Moon' which highlights the band’s ability to create instantly impactful, ethereal psych-folk. Of the track, Petrich describes:

The story was a blend of real life and imagination. A while ago I became great friends with this beautiful couple. The song was kind of based on them and what they were going through. We all were really close but then things kind of got out of hand. I’ll always love them but there was a little falling out or I guess I ended up needing a little space, the whole thing was really intense. By chance a month after things went a little south this girl was doing my horoscope/birth chart and she told me I had a Scorpio moon and I was convinced that must have been my connection to that scene and it all made perfect sense. I ended up writing the song and a week later the girl that read my chart called me up and told me that she made a mistake and I didn’t have a Scorpio moon after all, but I suppose during that time it did feel like we had a Scorpio moon hanging over our heads.

Stream the Tulips' 'Scorpio Moon' below and look for more from them soon:

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