As the Winter Brave gear up for the release of their EP, The Hand You Never Seem to Lend, on July 28, Diffuser is excited to partner with the twin-brother rock duo to premiere the brand-new track, “You Got It” -- crank it up in the audio player below.

If you’re a Dave Grohl aficionado, you’ve probably already heard of this band; in a 2013 AMA on Reddit, Grohl listened to one of the Winter Brave’s tracks (after being asked to by a fan) and said, “We just blasted [the song] in 606!” Needless to say, interest in the Winter Brave shot through the roof.

Two years later, they show absolutely no signs of slowing down.

“‘You Got It’ started as former bassist Chris and I aimlessly jamming the opening riff,” one half of the Winter Brave, Jake Scarpino, tells us. “For the months after the song was written, we’d play it out in shows and I would sing absolute nonsense because I hadn’t figured out what I wanted the song to be about.”

He goes on, “Once I began to write lyrics for the song, I liked the idea of keeping the chorus to just “Ohs.” This is always one of our favorite songs to play live because it is so high energy.”

If “You Got It” is an indication of what lies ahead for the band, we can’t wait to see what kind of ride they take us on. You can find more information on the Winter Brave here, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world at their official Facebook page.

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