The Winter Sounds' 'The Sun Also Rises' was spawned by the writings of a troubled mind -- but it wasn't Ernest Hemingway's, whose enduring modernist novel of the same name may first spring to mind. Frontman Patrick Keenan penned the song after reading the personal writings of an unidentified death row inmate whose "extraordinary feelings of loss and sadness" inspired within him some deep philosophical thoughts about one's own insignificance in the scheme of the universe. With that came 'The Sun Also Rises,' the first single off the band's new album 'Runner,' which drops Nov. 27.

The track's stunning video is a result of an unusual collaboration that paired gorgeous performance clips shot by director Jeffrey Moore with some vibrant and seriously psychedelic imagery created Bob Jones, a friend of the band's.

"The end result [is] a rush of colors and images and I thought it perfectly captured the kind of explosive quality of that earlier revelation [that inspired the song]," says Keenan. "In the end its just a video -- it's two ideas colliding at once, and hopefully will resonate with people as a visual piece ... We love it."