It's good to be friendly with your neighbors — especially when you happen to live next door to a world-famous rock star and are in need of a little entertainment for your next get-together.

We've received a reminder of this principle in action courtesy of Reddit user verylittlesound, who made the news over the weekend after sharing a text from his dad...who just happened to be at a "garden party with Suzie's neighbors" when Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke stopped by for a casual half-hour acoustic set.

According to the user, who complained "this is the worst day of my life" after hearing of the set while at work and unable to sneak out of the office to attend, Yorke played a small assortment of songs that included "Desert Island Disk," "No Surprises," "Street Spirit," "Reckoner," and "I Might Be Wrong."

As Consequence of Sound notes, Yorke has a history of doing this sort of thing. Although this is the first we've heard of him performing in a neighbor's backyard, he's popped up in a number of unexpected locations over the years, including a 2011 DJ set in an abandoned airplane fuselage. This was probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, in other words — but just to be safe, verylittlesound ruefully noted, "I shall be attending every garden party in Oxford until the end of time, I think."

Yorke's surprise acoustic set comes on the eve of the worldwide event Radiohead has announced for June 17 in honor of the vinyl and Spotify release of the band's latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool.

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