Somehow, the song "Waltz #2" seems appropriate as being the song with which Elliott Smith made his debut on long-running British music show Later ... With Jools Holland in 1999. The song, or at least its title, calls to mind ballroom dances and fancy dress parties.

Of course, the song itself might have been a bit too scandalous for any Victorian-era high-society get-togethers. This soft ballad in 3/4 time might be better enjoyed alone with some cigarettes and a small flask of spirits. "Waltz #2" carries heavily the sentimentality and depressive realism that are within the purview of many of Smith's songs.

It's an especially captivating song from Smith. There are a wealth of performances from this period of Smith's all-too-short musical career, and many of these performances are of this particular song. That might explain the ending to this Throwback, a performance from a Swedish TV show, also of "Waltz #2." It ends with Smith stopping abruptly before declaring he can't keep playing because he'd played it too many times.

What's funny about it is the fact that Smith's limit for playing this song was found somewhere in the middle of it:

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