If you've never heard of Kyuss before, consider today's Throwback Thursday a short history lesson. Even though they never broke through to mainstream success, Kyuss have been a major influence on heavy music for a long time now. And without Kyuss, there would be no Queens of the Stone Age.

Kyuss formed way back in 1987 and released their first EP as Sons of Kyuss, a name drummer Brant Bjork pulled from a Dungeons and Dragons manual. After that, they shortened their name to Kyuss and began pumping out thick-as-molasses tunes.

Nick Oliveri, who would go on to play bass in QOTSA, played bass with Kyuss for a short time before being replaced by Scott Reeder. The group released four albums between 1991 and 1995, and each one ended up defining what would come to be called "stoner rock."

The group broke up in 1995, and everyone went on to do their own thing. Guitarist Josh Homme started the Desert Sessions and then formed Queens of the Stone Age. Since then, talks of a reunion have come up numerous times, but Homme insists that will never happen.

When other members of Kyuss got together and started playing again under the name Kyuss Lives!, Homme lawyered up and put the kibosh on it. (Now they play under the name Vista Chino.)

Even though we may never again have the chance to witness Kyuss in its full glory, we still have the music. And these videos from an Italian music show:

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