Today's video is not only the Melvins' first television performance, but also a landmark moment in the birth of smarminess as an artform. During the band's interview, Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne shows no mercy to the host of the MTV show, 'Sound fX,' back in 1995. Every leading question lobbed at the band is met with arid, scathing sarcasm. If there existed a Platonic ideal form of sarcasm, Buzzo would be its caretaker. The interview is actually painful to watch at times -- see for yourself above.

When pressed about their unofficial title as the "Godfathers of Grunge," they wasted no time pointing out how worthless that title is. This is a topic that the band has dealt with before, such as the time Buzzo tried to buy a Beverly Hills mansion with his scene cred.

The musical performances, though, were pretty effin' awesome. They open the show with 'Revolve,' probably the poppiest, most radio-friendly song they'd written at that time. They closed the show out with 'Goose Freight Train,' a slow-burner that most MTV viewers probably had a hard time processing.

But then again, the Melvins can be that way sometimes.

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