Former wonder-duo Ween have a knack for weaving strange -- sometimes a touch unsettling -- stories together with their songs. 'The Mollusk' is one such song. It's a tale of a chance encounter between a man and a boy who have just found a mollusk shell on some unknown beach.

The performance in today's throwback video is from a German TV show called 'Wah Wah'; check out Ween's rendition of 'The Mollusk' in what looks like a small living room in the video above.

They also play a few other songs and even chat about recording and touring -- they have seemingly taken over this particular episode of 'Wah Wah' (check out the full episode below).

'The Mollusk,' for those few who don't know, is the title track of a concept album released by the band in 1997. The songs share some connection to the open sea, whether it be a plea to be taken out to sea, a conversation on a beach, or a sea shanty.

It is also one of the group's most well-known albums. If you were buying, or more likely burning, copies of pop and rock CDs in the late '90s or early 2000s, you almost certainly had this in the case attached to your car visor.

Here is the entire 'Wah Wah' episode. Happy Throwback Thursday:

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