Tiger Dare are really throwing it back to my high school years with their dreamy, Joan of Arc-inspired debut 'Coffee.'

The group is essentially the new trick from a couple of old dogs. Diffuser.fm caught up with one of them, founding member, Mike Zorrilla, to gain some insight on how the crew came about. "Tiger Dare is a new Brooklyn-based quartet with members of Chase King and Villa Venus; and 'Coffee' is our debut single," Zorilla said. "It's still too early to mention what label the 12" will be released on but its going to be an amazing record regardless."

"Tiger Dare is RIYL Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, Real Estate and we know how much Brooklynites love their Real Estate, am I right?" he added. "We're really excited to watch the grass grow and are excited winter is here!"

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