Tim Mooney, who drummed for American Music Club and Sun Kil Moon, has passed away.

The news was delivered by American Music Club singer Mark Eitzel, who alerted fans with a tribute message on his blog on Thursday, June 14.

He revealed, "I haven't seen Tim for a few years now, but that still didn't lessen the impact of his passing. He was the drummer of AMC for many years. He was absolutely instrumental in whatever sound we had. His style was absolutely unique, and as an artist no one could match what he did. He was a good friend to so many people and will be missed. What an absolute loss. I wish all the best to his wife Jude and his daughter Dixie. I have spent all day in a fog thinking about him."

The cause of death was not revealed, but a post on the Electrical Audio Message Board suggested that it was a heart attack that claimed Mooney's life.

In addition to American Music Club and Sun Kil Moon, the drummer worked with the Sleepers, Negative Trend, and Toiling Midgets and had spent his recent years producing for such acts as Portastatic, Her Space Holiday and Enablers.

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