At first listen, Tim Pourbaix's music feels easily accessible, even cheery at times. With a deeper examination, though, it's obvious that the Brooklyn singer-songwriter evokes similar complexity to that of artists like Elliott Smith or Bon Iver. Adding a new layer to the listening experience, Pourbaix has unveiled the music video for 'Chapters,' and Diffuser is excited to premiere it above.

With lyrics like, "Chapters come and go out to space / Love that you want to know, love that you want to know / I won't tell a soul / Not even my own," Pourbaix paints an elaborate, yet delicate, picture for the listener. "'Chapters' depicts the intertwining of my past, present and future selves," he tells us.

The song is not without a light at the end of the tunnel though. As Pourbaix explains, "It's a mix of distant memories with a glimpse of what's to come."

The new music video was directed by Nicolas de Miranda, who worked on Sufjan Stevens' 'I'll Be Home for Christmas.' 'Chapters' is the opening track on Pourbaix's studio album, 'River Well.' You can get details on the release, and all of the artist's happenings, at his website here.