The one constant in the world of Titus Andronicus has always been change. Formed in Glen Rock, N.J., in 2005, the band's lineup has been in a state of flux since, with at least a dozen different members coming and going over the years. Frontman Patrick Stickles has been the only guy there since the beginning, but the way he explains it, the roster featured on their forthcoming third album, 'Local Business,' could be around for awhile.

"Every other Titus Andronicus album was full of ringers," Patrick Stickles tells Pitchfork. "This album's got no ringers, no gimmicks, no nonsense. Just five guys rocking out." 'Local Business' doesn't drop until Oct. 23, but lucky for us, Stickles took to the band's blog today (Sept. 18) to whet our appetites and post the album's cover art and first single, 'In a Big City.'

Considering all the fan fawning and critical praise that their last one, 'The Monitor,' received, Titus Andronicus have some big shoes to fill. But without all the ringers and the gimmicks, can they pull it off? 'In a Big City' seems to point to yes.

Full of revved-up and raucous punk energy, the first single zooms out of the starting gate and doesn't once relent over the course of its three-and-a-half minutes, with Stickles' drunken speak-shout vocals propelling things over a steadily pounding beat, a bed of violins and enough self-loathing to, well, call it a Titus Andronicus song.

Check Out the 'In a Big City' Lyric Video