Ahead of the release of their new album, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Titus Andronicus have shared The Magic Morning, a short film that was, according to the band’s website, born out of “artistic hubris that no buzz band today could begin to attempt.” Check it out above

The 15-minute film’s score includes six The Most Lamentable Tragedy tracks, including “The Magic Morning,” “Lookalike,” the band’s cover of Daniel Johnston’s “I Had Lost My Mind,” “Mr. E Mann,” “Fired Up” and lead single, “Dimed Out.”

Frontman Patrick Stickles directed and stars in The Magic Morning, which opens with him waking to find himself pitted against his doppelgänger (portrayed by -- you guessed it -- Stickles). Then, he partakes in some pretty impressive choreography as the film explores “motifs that elevate TMLT far beyond the petty constraints of a mere ‘rock album’ and into the realm of that which the German philosopher K. F. E. Trahndorff first called, in 1827, Gesamtkunstwerk (“total art” -- look it up)!!!”

Stickles certainly gives a captivating performance -- something that’s perhaps driven by his determination to prove naysayers wrong.

“People have been putting +@ in a box for too long,” Stickles writes on the band’s website. “We can do anything we decide to be our will, and I am proud to say this little movie was done entirely ‘in-house,’ in one day. Doubt and deny +@ at yr own peril.”

The Most Lamentable Tragedy -- a rock opera tackling manic depression -- will arrive July 28 via Merge. Titus Andronicus have previously shared “Dimed Out” and “Fatal Flaw.”

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