"We requested something gritty, tongue-in-cheek and offensive," TKTTSM lead singer Johanna Staley says of the video for 'Plastic Fantastic.' The clip, which was helmed by filmmaker Patrick Ryan Morris of Dedalus Moving Pictures, scores on all three.

The clip uses stop-motion animation, a Barbie doll couple and a melange of Lego-like miniatures to tell the story of a classic romance gone awry, as a dark and disturbing sequence of events quickly changes the vibe from glamorous to violent. "I think it fits the nature of the song," says director Morris. "The dolls just seemed like a natural fit as they do all of these terrible things, but have the same frozen smile on their face while they do them."

'Plastic Fantastic' is the first single off the debut full-length from this Brooklyn-based psych-rock duo, whose name is pronounced "tick-uh-tism." The album dropped in October, and you can sample the rest of the disc -- which features singer Staley and multi-instrementalist Owen O'Mahoney, with additional contributions from drummer Brian Viglione and backing singer Lauren Zettler -- here.