The Cure have been making music videos almost as long as there have been music videos. Back when MTV had, like, seven videos to show all day, the Cure would pop up from time to time. And this was before they became huge Top 40 stars with the 'Disintegration' album. We had 30 years' worth of clips to choose from to make our list of the Top 10 Cure Videos. These are their very best.

  • 'Let's Go to Bed'

    'Let's Go to Bed,' from 1982, was one of the Cure's first hits. It's also one of the poppier songs to come out of their gloomy early period. Watch Robert Smith jammin' in his jammies!

  • 'In Between Days'

    Super-big hair, motion-sickness-causing point-of-view cameras and random blasts of neon make up this 1985 video for one of our all-time favorite Cure songs.

  • 'Why Can't I Be You?'

    We're really not sure what's going on in the video for this 1987 modern-rock hit. One dude has fangs and a cape, another is sporting blackface and Robert Smith is dancing around in a furry costume.

  • 'Just Like Heaven'

    The video for the band's all-time best song is fittingly ghostly at times. But Robert Smith's cliff-side performance in this 1987 video is subtly pained.

  • 'Lullaby'

    This 1989 video creeps us out. The song is eerie enough, but the video's haunted-house setting seals the scary deal. And don't even get us started on that spider.

  • 'Friday I'm in Love'

    Smith is in a playful mood in this cheery 1992 hit. How playful? He busts some serious dance moves and wears a goofy hat on his head. That's how playful.

  • 'Hot Hot Hot!!!'

    Another song from 1987's 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,' and another cool video. This one is slick, black and white and features Smith at his most rock-star sleek. Dig that haircut!

  • 'Lovesong'

    Leave it to Robert Smith to set the video for his band's biggest hit (from 1989) in a suffocating cave. Think he's trying to tell us something about love here?

  • 'The Walk'

    This 1983 single features one of the Cure's greatest riffs. The video is pretty conventional until near the end, when magic tricks and a demonic-looking baby doll join the action.

  • 'A Forest'

    Robert Smith had normal-looking hair in one of the Cure's first videos, from 1980. He's also wielding an instrument, which he rarely did in videos. Nothing flashy here -- just an early look at the group.