The City of Love's Total Warr (themes at odds right there, eh?) teamed up with old friend and colleague Johnny from the Death Set to bring us today's free MP3, a true dance-pop gem.

Seemingly equally influenced by '80s pop and '90s emo, 'Bambastard' features a simple hook -- "It's been a long time" -- that screams for placement in a hot new Apple or Subaru commercial.

When we spoke with the duo, we inquired about their shared history with the Death Set. As they explained, they've uniquely used this track as something of a scrapbook page.

"We invited Johnny from the Death Set to sing with us," Total Warr told "He's a very good friend. We both played drums on tour with the Death Set in the past, and it was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to that part of our lives."

We should all resolve to write songs in preservation of memories. Check out 'Bambastard' below.

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