When Los Angeles transplants Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore aren't on the road backing up Thurston Moore and Nicke Lowe, they perform as the xx-influenced duo Touché. Today the pair pay tribute to another of their heavy influences, Prefab Sprout, by delivering to Diffuser.fm readers an exclusive cover of that band's 'Wild Horses.'

"We've loved Prefab Sprout for a long time," Lilly told Diffuser.fm. "The lyrics to their song 'Wild Horses' so perfectly captures the awkwardness you feel when you have a crush on someone unattainable. The seductive groove and emotional, angst-y vibe make for one of the sexiest slow jams of all time."

We can all relate to this left-of-center feeling, and Alex's haunted vocal translates the emotion quite well. See for yourself below.

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