Based in Los Angeles, Toy Bombs have become masters at creating original, bona fide garage rock, and it's on full display throughout the duo's latest EP, ‘Life Is Good.’ Today (Jan. 26), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with Toy Bombs to premiere their brand new music video, ‘Lose Myself.’ Check it out above.

The song is instantly catchy with a blend of indie rock and power pop working together to make for an unforgettable listening experience. So it only makes sense that the accompanying music video would be as memorable, right?

Brandon McBride takes the form of a mad scientist who is hellbent on constructing what appears to be the perfect woman. Things don't exactly work out in the end, though -- you'll have to watch the video to see what happens.

"‘Lose Myself’ was the first song in what is now a four-year journey from our last EP release," McBride explains. "We wrote it then and it has developed and changed with all the other material on our new EP. It’s the Drew Barrymore of Toy Bomb’s songs, not to mention it’s a barn burner."

If you like what you hear with 'Lose Myself,' head over to Toy Bombs' official website to stream 'Life Is Good' in its entirety -- and make sure to check out their back catalog via iTunes.