This Saturday (Aug. 20), the Tragically Hip will perform their final show at the Rogers K-Rock Centre in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have announced plans to broadcast the show live for their fans all over the world.

CBC Music says that, in addition to showing it on CBC Television and broadcasting on CBC Radio One and Radio 2, they will stream the concert at their website and on their mobile apps (Apple, Android). Coverage begins at 8PM on Saturday with Rich Terfry spinning Tragically Hip tunes based on a listener's poll. The concert starts at 8:30PM. They are asking fans to use the hashtag "#CBCTheHip" and post comments on CBC Music's Facebook page.

After more than 30 years, 13 albums, 14 Juno Awards and a perpetual standing as one of Canada's most beloved bands, the Tragically Hip are ending their career because, in December 2015, lead singer Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The group made the news public a few weeks before they released Man Machine Poem and embarked on their final tour.

Downie, 52, has been stricken with a glioblastoma multiforme, which is not only the most common form of brain tumor -- 15.4 percent of all primary brain tumors are GBMs -- but also the most aggressive. There is no cure; however, it is treated by removing as much of it as possible via surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. The median survival for adults, according to the American Brain Tumor Association, is between 14.6 months and two years, although 10 percent of patients live up to five years or longer.

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